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This is for us the most important part of our business.
Our orientation is producing the best and finest, aiming a continuous better quality-price relationship. To be the best there are no shortcuts, for which we have certain golden rules and a strong believe in step-by-step quality controls, allowing us to guarantee that our product is the best, continuously minimizing the risk of any possibility of significant material or construction defects. That our clients are absolutely satisfied and keep up increasing is without doubt our best achievement.

A) PAYMENT Terms : IRREVOCABLE AT SIGHT L/C or 40% down payment.


Jl. Raya Tegalwangi # 19
Phone +62 231 323 500

Account Number :
045-02-28133-002 (USD)
045-01-28744-000 (IDR)
Swift Code : BNIAIDJA


"machine & handmade" products.
There are manual functions (partial sanding or assembling) that could be done by hand in our factories, and others (basically carving or some handmade components) that might be done as outsourcing. With machinery we will always do in any case all the cuttings and junctions.

"Handmade" products.
Here we either produce directly in the factory (aluminum & stainless steel). On either case, we offer only the most qualified and selected specialists handmade workers, offering our clients only the finest and best of quality handmade products. For the partial or total outsourcing handmade products it is important to remark again that, in any case, we buy the timber and dry it ourselves. Secondly, independently from the construction the client prefers, we have mounted in all cases specific step by step quality controls, from the timber up to the packing. This is a priority for us, because this is what makes us productive, controlling and minimizing possible deviations, and also the only way to guarantee again quality and timing for our clients.


After all the experience of all of us, this is the main motive of our coming together. Our challenge now is making one step further and increasing our productivity, versatility and quality by being able to cover more range of the client's demands, both on quality and quantity.

Timing - We have three factories that produce different products, with a range between 8 -15 containers a month on production. It varies very much though; for example, the new collections of dining chair we take half of the time than the previous ones.

What we can guarantee is a reasonable expansion, because what we have been doing these past months is precisely working up a system that would be able to increase production by productivity, designs, etc. The financial capability, the system and the management and quality control experienced people, which is the most difficult, we can now say very proudly that we have them.

Besides selling, we also want to build up a customer's follow up program, getting their satisfaction by working together on even more adjusted needs or requirements. We are also more than happy to welcome you to our factories so you can see the production and it's alternatives in different materials, qualities, finishing's, etc. Basically we want to personalize relationships making thing easier, simpler and more efficient for everybody. So please feel free to ask anything you desire at our commercial department, that's what we are for.

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