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Where is your factory located?

Our factory, main office and show room is located in city of Cirebon, which is about 3 hours by train from Jakarta. Cirebon is often called the rattan city because we have the greatest concentration of rattan manufacturers. How do we order from you and how long will it take to produce my order? The best way to contact us is through e-mail or fax . Tell us what you're interested in and we will respond to your inquiry. Production lead time is normally 6-8 weeks depending on the products ordered and we will ship directly in full containers using the most cost-effective means available to us.

How about the payments for my order?

You can choose two alternatives of payment: First, you can use At sight Letter of Credit (L/C) and the second you can use DP basis or Documents against payment which we require 50% down payment against Proforma Invoice and 50% final payment against Original Documents.|

Do you have a showroom where I can view your products?

Yes. We have a showroom, It is located in our factory. Our showroom contains many of the fine rattan furniture products we manufacture. If you are planning a trip to Cirebon, we would love for you to come in and see our quality furniture products for yourself.

How many items will fit in a 40 foot container?

The volume of a container depends solely on the items purchased. We can calculate the volume of your purchase based on the items you select and tell you what percentage you need to add or subtract to meet that requirement.

Why your prices are cheaper than the other shops I visited when I was in Bali / Indonesia? Or I ever buy before?

The answer is simple. A lot of Gallery in Bali / Jakarta / Indonesia just try to be a trader. They don't produce them self. We are not a shop .We are 'one hand' manufacturer, so you don't need to pay more money for them. If you found a cheaper price than our price, please check and compare exactly! Is it using the same raw material? Is it having the same quality? And is it having after sale service or guarantee? And please give us some informations just for a comparison and an explanation.


Where can I see your products?

You can visit our showroom and factory, which there contained many of fine furniture products. If you were going to go to Indonesia, we would welcome you to see our quality furniture products. If you don’t have any time to come to Indonesia, you can see this web site carefully and ask me every thing that you want to know. I am planning a trip to Indonesia soon.

How do I find your factory?

We can arrange to have someone pick you up at your hotel and bring you to our factory and showroom in Cirebon. Or (if you don't have any time) call us upon your arrival and we'll come to meet you.

How can I check your quality before I decide to buy your products? You can come to our factory in Indonesia or you can order some samples, which can be shipped to you.

Can I order less then one container?

NO, we are not a retailer. Except, you need it for sample.

Can you produce custom pieces of furniture for my project?

Yes. We will need specific details including technical drawings, detail specifications and exact measurements. All of custom pieces are considered prototypes and pricing will depend on the volume of the order.

Can you help me to manage the packing and shipping details of my order?

Yes we can. We are affiliated with a very good shipping company here and can assist you, free of charge, in helping to insure that your order is packed and handled correctly. If you need more information's or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send Email to:

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